Monday, August 30, 2010

final fantasy 6(3 in america)

due to this being the highest voted(or only voted) game i must now review it now since this is my first review I might not be as professional as ever but hey cut me some slack

opining 4/5
while the opining was quite stretched out (that had to be at least 5 min. of magitecs walking in snow) it was pretty good it explained the back story well and had nice music so the only thing I didn't like was the fact that people got lazy and decided to add in those walking magitecs at the end

gameplay 5/5
this game like most good rpg's throws you right into the action while you do have a MASSIVE advantage over the enemy it is only the first level the battle system is great and easy to navigate which is important in a real time rpg battle and especially if there are many enemies it can get pretty hectic if it wasn't as easy to navigate as it is traveling to towns is important to and was well done in this game the towns weren't to far apart or way to close together and when you get the airship traveling to towns can be fun because you can fly and the airship becomes quite useful in the world of ruin so overall i was impressed

graphics 5/5
not much to say here but the graphics were great at the time the 3-D sort of thing in the map was a nice touch and the final battle with (spoilers)kefka is just wow

music 5/5
it was beautiful some of the best music in a video game that I have ever heard in fact the composer is a musical genius and just hearing dancing mad again was reason enough for me to replay this game 3 times as well as the excellent game play but that is another category 

well thats it post in comments what you want next

Sunday, August 29, 2010

starting off

alright this is going to be a short post but I am asking for opinions what game do you want reviewed i will review wii games and anything made before the n64